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As for Corporate Events, Family Fun Days and any event where archery is either included in the admission price or on the agenda for the day an agreed one off payment can be arranged to make archery available as required.

‚ÄčExperience has shown adding archery have a go to available attractions has increased attendance at local events quite dramatically!

The most popular way for carnivals, village fetes and country fairs is for me to charge the customer at the time and pay an agreed amount or percentage to the organisers.

Generally speaking events can be organised and paid for two different ways depending on the size and type.

I have the equipment and staff available to run any size event. In 2015 the smallest event I organised was a local carnival that consisted of 3 targets and staff the largest a country fair with 20 targets and staff for three days

I have found from experience that a telephone call is by far the best way to discuss peoples requirements. One phone call can save 100 emails!

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